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EPC Interior Architecture Acoustic Design Multipurpose Stable

500 SQM
EPC Interior Architecture Acoustic Design Multipurpose Stable
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Type: Stadium Architecture Acoustic Design
Design Style: Modern
Acoustic Designers: 10 People
Mode: EPC
Save Time: Save 30% Of The Construction Period
Labor Saving: Independent Production & Professional Construction
Save Money: Save 20% Of The Total Cost
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EPC Architecture Acoustic Design


Multipurpose Architecture Acoustic Design


Stable Interior Decoration Design

Basic Infomation
Place of Origin: Guangdong, China
Brand Name: CYATCO
Certification: SGS, CE
Model Number: Design001
Payment & Shipping Terms
Packaging Details: As customer required
Delivery Time: 15-30 days
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T
Supply Ability: 5 items per month
Product Description

Stadium Architecture Acoustic Design Basketball Hall Interior Decoration Design
1. Overview of architectural acoustic design of gymnasium
With the development of sports and cultural undertakings, a large number of gymnasiums have been or will be built all over the country. Among these gymnasiums, the vast majority are comprehensive multi-purpose gymnasiums. In addition to sports competitions and training, they can also be used for large-scale theatrical performances, conferences, fashion shows, film screenings, acrobatics, and circus performances. These gymnasiums are actually multi-purpose gymnasiums. In order to meet the multi-functional use requirements of the gymnasium, it must be professionally designed for acoustics.
The biggest feature of the gymnasium is its large volume, which causes the reverberation time of the hall to be too long. First of all, too long reverberation time will reduce the clarity of the hall's sound quality, make the audience's listening muddy, and affect the performance and reputation of the performance. For athletes, they may lose their level due to sound quality problems in the hall. Secondly, too long reverberation time will also make the sound reinforcement system howling. In addition, the parallel walls of the competition pool and the excessively large free sound path will produce sound quality defects of flutter echo and multiple echo. It will make the footsteps and impact of athletes dribbling more intense, and even evolve into a strong noise. The configuration of contemporary gymnasiums is becoming more and more diverse, and architectural designers are no longer satisfied with the previous rectangular design. Circles, ovals, polygons, etc. emerge in endlessly. And these curved walls and domed ceilings tend to produce acoustic focus.
2. Architectural Acoustic Design of Gymnasium Sound Quality Design
(1) Defects in sound quality
1. The gymnasium has a large volume, and the free sound path is too large, which is easy to produce echoes and multiple echoes. Make people's hearing muddy. Interfere with the normal operation of audio equipment.
2. Gymnasiums with regular shapes such as rectangles and squares are prone to flutter echoes. Irregular gymnasiums such as circles and arcs (most gymnasiums are now irregular in shape) are prone to sound focusing.
3. When there are various functional rooms such as computer rooms with serious noise inside the gymnasium, noise will be generated. Increase background sound. Affect the normal use of the gymnasium.

Gymnasium Level The reverberation time of gymnasiums under different volumes according to grades
  >80000m³ 40000~80000m³ <40000m³
Class A 1.70s 1.40s 1.30s
Class B 1.90s 1.50s 1.40s
Class C 2.10s 1.70s 1.50s

(2) Solutions
1. According to the function and purpose of the venue, design a reasonable reverberation time, and install sound-absorbing materials at the corresponding positions of the competition hall.
2. The competition hall should use rest corridors to isolate external noise interference, and the rest corridors should be treated with sound absorption and noise reduction.
3. Noise elimination, noise reduction and vibration reduction measures are taken for the air supply and return ducts leading to the competition hall, VIP lounge, sound reinforcement control room, TV commentary room, sound reinforcement broadcasting room and other rooms.
4. The air-conditioning room, boiler room and other equipment rooms should be far away from competition halls, VIP rooms and other rooms with quiet requirements. When it is adjacent to the main building, take effective noise reduction and vibration isolation measures.
3. Material Requirements for Architectural Acoustic Design of Gymnasium
3.1 Ceiling and wall materials must meet the environmental protection requirements stipulated by the state.
3.2 Indoor wall decoration and ceilings used for competitions and training areas should use non-combustible materials. When the site is equipped with an automatic fire extinguishing system and an automatic fire alarm system, the interior walls and ceilings can be decorated with non-combustible materials.
4. Five-step service process
01. Understand customer needs
The first step is to understand the customer's needs (data provided: on-site video, on-site accurate CAD drawings, the style that the customer likes)
02. Plane layout planning
The second step is the layout planning, after the modification is confirmed (charge: deposit for design scheme)
03. Scheme Design Customization
The third step is to customize the scheme design (production of renderings and simulation software), and confirm the modification (fee: final payment for design scheme & deposit for construction design scheme)
04. Construction design drawing
The fourth step is to complete the professional docking of machinery, equipment, fire protection, water and electricity, etc., and complete the drawing of construction drawings (charge: final payment for construction scheme design & construction deposit)
05. Construction site follow-up
The fifth step is to follow up on the construction site and actually modify and adjust - the construction is completed.

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